Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wat Kham Chanot - abode of naga lord Sisotho

Wat Kham Chanot (Thai: วัดคำชะโนด) is a Buddhist forest temple near Kham Chanot village in Udon Thani province, Northeastern Thailand (Isaan).

The temple is located in the Wang Nakhin area at a lake where the naga lord Sisotho, a mythical large snake, is supposed to be living.

The worship of this naga lord is one of the main issue in this small forest monastery.

Around eight to ten monks live here on a permanent base.

Locals (Isaan and Lao people) believe that the naga lord has a hideaway on the island.
It is connected to the other Wat premises by a bridge.

The entrance of the bridge is guarded by two large nagas. The shrine of the Wat is located on the island.

A small zoo as well as a rural market for visitors has been added to the temple.

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