Monday, April 12, 2010

Thai New Year - Songkran, Songkran!!!

Each year in the middle of April Thai and Lao people celebrate New Year (Thai: Songkran; Lao Piimai) and show their respect for Buddha images, elderly people and their parents and superiors. The whole house is getting cleaned and refurbished. Parents are respectfully splashed with some water and powder. Often flower offerings are given as well. Similarly, vehicles such as cars and mopeds, are blessed with flowers, water and powder ...

Who ever is traveling on roads, will almost certainly get a shower from people waiting for their opportunity along the street side. Water is drown from passing cars or from kids who are heavily armed with water pistols and all kind of tools to splash water. This provides you a nice cool off during the hottest time of the year ...

Caution is however advised on Laos and Thailand's roads, as the number of fatal accidents is increasing every year!

Otherwise, a few older clothes assembled, mounted with a hat and equipped with a water pistol and off you go and join in for the ultimate water splash of the year! Happy New Year! Happy Songkran!

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