Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Waterfalls on the Bolaven Plateau

The Bolaven Plateau is an elevated region in Southern Laos Champassak province. The elevation ranges from about 1'000 to 1'350 meters above sea level.

The plateau is a reach cultural and agricultural area, crossed by several rivers and scenic waterfalls.

The name of the plateau 'Bolaven' refers to one of its ethnic group which have dominated the region: the Laven. However, migrations by the majority Lao ethnic group has modified the ethnic composition of the region. Other ethnic groups in the Bolaven Plateau are the Alak, Katu, Ta Oy, and Suay.

Nowadays the Bolaven plateau is an important agricultural area which produces one of the best coffee in the world. Another important factor is tourism, which greatly contributes to the regions growth. Lastly, bauxite mining is increasingly becoming more important as well.

Tad E Tu Waterfall

Tad E Tu Waterfall is located between Pakse and Paksong at KM 35. The waterfall can be reached over a small and steam path and stairs. The small pool at its bottom invites with some refreshing swimming opportunities.

Tad Champee Waterfall

Tad Champee Waterfall is located between Pakse and Paksong at KM 38, opposite Tad Fane waterfall. The waterfall is about 3 kilometers from the main road. The Tad Champee consists of one single cascade. Its pool is offering some refreshing bath...

The Tad Fane Waterfall

The Tad Fane Waterfall is 38 KM outside of Pakse and probably the biggest twin waterfall in the Bolaven region. The water dropps over 100 meters!. The best view on this waterfall one gets from the nearby view point at Tad Fane Resort, a friendly lodge overlooking the gorge of the Tad Fane waterfall and nestled within some tense vegetation. For a closer look a small walk of 15 minutes is required to reach the bottom of the falls.

Tad Yuang Waterfall

Tad Yuang Waterfall is a bit further along the way to Paksong at KM 39. This waterfalls comes with a nice pick nick area at the top of the waterfall. A view point at the top allows a great panorama over the whole waterfall.

Tad Phasuam Waterfall

Tad Phasuam Waterfall is on the way to Tad Lo in Salavan province, after leaving Pakse turn left at KM 21 and continue for a further 15km. Tad Phasuam Waterfall is a beautiful cascade in a U form. There is a small cultural village nearby.

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