Friday, December 28, 2012

Mekong River's ecology and its influence on livelihoods

Most small riverside communities along the Mekong River rely on mixed economy of agricultur and fisheries. These two subsistence activities dominate the  live along the river; and are directly linked to the Mekong's ecology.

Families and livelihoods along the river depend on the river and its resources. Families need the income and food generated through activities such as fisheries and gardening. For most people in the Mekong basin, livelihoods are complex, and often include a mixture of employment income, as well as subsistence farming or fishing activities such as growing food or fishing.

The activities undertaken by households vary seasonally. The Mekong River ecology, and in particular the seasonal flood-pulse and the dry season, determines how these activities vary throughout the year. At times rice-farming dominates the activities, while at other times, fishing is more important.


  1. What is the impact on the Mekong Delta by modern waterworks?

  2. Obstructed fish migration patterns, lesser amount of sediments, lowered water flow, else.
    There are several different know problems caused by waterworks...
    What worries me are the issues we have not been thinking of or we do not yet know.

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