Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nong Khai's aquarium - a closup look at the Mekong River fish

The biggest aquarium in Northeastearn Thailand is located located at Khon Kaen University’s Campus in Nong Khai.

The University campus is a satellite campus of Khon Kaen University, located on the bypass road to Vientiane. If you come from Udon Thani take a left turn just before you enter Nong Khai and follow the signs "Vientiane". After few kilometers another sign board will direct you to the campus and the aquarium.

The construction of the aquarium began in 2004 in collaboration of Nong Khai Province and the University.

The idea of the aquarium is to conserve freshwater fish in the Mekong River as well as to stimulate tourism in the province - conserving Mekong's freshwater fish has become recently more urgent as Laos proceeds with the construction of its vastly critisized Xayabouri dam project.

There is a small saltwater fish selection on display, which in my opinion is not that special. However, considering the remote location from the next sea it is ok.

Indeed spectacular are the many freshwater fish species and their habitats as they could be found in the Mekong River. The displayed tanks vary in sizes and shapes. A highlight is the 25 meter tunnel tank featuring all kind of large Mekong River fish.

As a diver, I felt instantly in love with the atmosphere and the amazing blue World.

A great day excursion just a few kilometers out of down town Nong Khai...

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