Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It is calm again in Southern Isaan

One has to go back in history to understand the problem along the Cambodian and Thai border. Cambodia first has been occupied by France in the past. Thailand and Cambodia use therefore different maps from the past to define their common border.
Cambodia then suffered under the tyranny of the Khmer Rouge regime, which had its final stronghold at this border...

As a legacy of the late Khmer Rouge regime, the Thai - Cambodian border area is still heavily mined. As a result the common border was never properly demarcated, although both countries worked hard to resolve this issues.

The status of disputed areas around Preah Viharn /Preah Vihear and some other temples of Khmer origin remains unresolved for the moment.

The ruling of an International court states that Preah Viharn /Preah Vihear belongs to Cambodia - a fact which Thailand has accepted.

After the latest border clashes between Thailand and Cambodia, both countries have today agreed to send Indonesian observers to the disputed area. They will monitor the border and make sure that the ceasefire between the two neighboring countries remains intact.

The Chong Jom border pass connecting the two countries has opened again and borer trade between Thai and Cambodian vendors continued as before the clashes. Vendors reopened their stalls at a local market near the border pass on the Thai side.

Living in Isaan now for many years, I am relived that this step of monitoring the border has been taken and that live continues along the border.

In fact it was always save to travel to Isaan as the disputed border areas are fare away from any tourist side in both countries (except Preah Viharn /Preah Vihear). I also strongly believe that Thailand and Cambdodia will find a solution in the not to distant future.

Isaan is a great place to travel as people are very welcoming and charming. Great National Parks, bustling cities and abundant nature and culture await you.

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  1. Went browsing for stuff on Isaan, and stumbled on your blog. I lived in Thailand back in the '90's, and thought Isaan was Thailand's best kept secret (my wife can't swim, sos we had to vacation up country rather than at the beaches).